VIRGO 2019

You will be a peacemaker in a small world of your own—and there is nothing trivial about it; peace has to start somewhere. Your home will be your world; and once you’ve made what you want of it, you’ll see a bigger world, and work on that, too.

Maybe you’re like a bird, picking the choicest bits of fluff for the nest, a bear packing in the best food for hibernation, or just DIYing the choicest Netflix and chill haven ever. You may spend months in a frenzy of Swedish Death Cleaning or building shelves to store all your different shades of white underwear. Your happy place is your own home. 

So why are you spending so much time at home? Maybe because you’ve had it with the social life. The mean and restrictive planet is in your cosmic house of fun, children, entertainment, and good times. You kind of like it! It’s that thing where you’re happier when events are canceled. 

This Saturn influence can play out a number of ways: You may stay home feeling a little lonely and disillusioned, healing and making a safe place for yourself. Or, you may be cuddling up with someone and making it much more serious and stable, eating homemade vegan pie and watching critically acclaimed drama. Or, you may be making critically acclaimed drama; one signal of this transit is that you turn something close to your heart and home into a business or source of reputational enhancement. 

Your home base may also be a place to study and learn. But sometimes, you’re going to have to shake it off. Your challenge is to learn to play well with others, to interact with friends and community. After March, you’re going to be presented with a chance out of the blue to learn something new—and maybe to travel. That’s another place you’ll find some luck. Think of it as visiting another home. Bring a bit of home with you. 

Mercury is your ruler, so its retrogrades matter, but often because you’re dealing with other people freaking out. Here are the dates: March 5 to 28, in Pisces (relationships); July 7 to 31, in Leo (and Cancer, but the Leo is the dominant influence for you; karma and deep medical stuff); October 31 to November 20, in Scorpio (short term communications). Here’s how to work it: Concentrate on these areas, pay extra attention, slow down, instead of ducking and covering.