Did you make a resolution to kill off your social media? Because those creeps are collecting your data and using it to play with the fates of nations, or just your Venmo? Or because you’re tired of feeling like you have to package yourself? 

Conflicts, fascinations, and transformations around how you communicate who you are abound this year. It could take the shape of writing and publishing an insider tell-all (even if it’s just an inside perspective of your own head), becoming a YouTube star pushing conspiracies of hope and true justice (pronoia, as the great Rob Brezny calls it), or just getting comfortable with making social conversation—or not making it, and being OK with that, too. 

It’s not your natural habitat, the realm of chatter; it may feel glib and superficial. But it’s where all the planetary action is (and may be for a few years). Particularly around the eclipses—January, July, and December. The eclipse poles have shifted to hit that spot—communication on the small and large scales, with individuals and with nations, about the surface and the depths. Listen for the music in the chatter. 

Another teachable moment may come your way in your closest relationships and partnerships. Whether it’s spinning off a business line or a legal spouse asking for a break, you’ll need to do like Sting (not the 12-hour Sting, the “if you love someone set them free” Sting). Get busy elsewhere, and it won’t sting. (I’m not even a dad, and I came up with those. Damn.)

The first third of the year, you’re easing off a streak of strange money action, playing the Doge cryptocurrency market or investing in revolutionary bidet patents. For the rest of the year, you’re all “buy and hold,” sinking everything into Kugeraands and Beanie Babies—things you can possess and pile up in stacks, like an old-fashioned millionaire cartoon. Don’t make me look for you on one of those hoarder shows! I’m serious. Yell “sell” into the phone once in a while. 

Because you have faraway places to go, interesting people to interact with, get obsessed with, and tolerate, and new groups and communities to no longer lurk on the edges of. That’s what’s on the other side of the communications eclipse poles—meaningful engagement. If someone invites you on a trip, even if it’s somewhere you think is silly and dull, like Cleveland or Brussels or Sao Paulo, put away the stacks of vintage Marvels, and go.