At last, your ruling planet has come home, so that means it’s time to pack up and leave! For a vagabonding exploratage of shambolishness! All year long, you’re feeling the freedom and shrugging off the BS like only you can. You did a lot of work to get to that place, wandering around in the psychic wilderness or being stuck at home cleaning closets. Now you get to do your thing, no matter what. 

OK, there are still a few little matters to clear up. Once in a while this year, the bills will come in and have you a little rocked. You can likely handle this—you’ve never had a problem cutting back on so-called luxuries or even what many consider necessities. Who needs underwear?

But the real bills are not as big a deal as feeling, on some level, a little uncertain about your own value. There’s a combination of planets and the movement of the eclipses and nodes that may have you questioning your own buoyancy and confidence in your value and values. Your closet calls out to you in your dreams, as you’re on a tropical island learning capoeira, “why did you leave me only half organized? You didn’t paint the underside of the shelves yet! Your home, it’s empty…your plants are wilting…why…” etc. 

Or it may come in the form of other people. Judgy people. Sometimes resentful and jealous people. And sometimes people who have a point. The message they mumble and eyeroll at you is this: How come you get to caper and gallivant (yes, people who are channeling Saturn use language like that) when you haven’t balanced your checkbook (channeling Saturn again; he’s old-fashioned) or eaten your Cream of Wheat? (Saturn channelers love bland, warm, whole-grain cereals. It’s a January thing.) 

They miss the point. By being who you are, you make their world better, and you give them the opportunity to be who they are. But you were born understanding this. When action happens around 2nd             houses, it’s a signal of a chance to re-learn the value of who we really are.

When you’re faced with these kinds of reckonings, your impulse might be to impose some kind of routine, to “take yourself in hand” (so Saturn-y. And I thought whole-grain cereals were supposed to discourage that kind of behavior.). You pull a muscle on that island, and you’re all, OH, I have to set the clock by a new fitness regimen and do Whole 30 NOW and track my steps! 

That’s not going to work this year. It’s actually not going to work too well for the next seven years. Your challenge is how to cultivate health and work sanity without draconian routine, to develop a true, flexible approach to your health, work, and daily life that takes all the surprises and changes of life into account, and keeps you ready to face them. That’s a tough one, but it’s a nice long time to learn it. It’s not about giving things up—it’s about opening up.