ARIES 2019

Whatever you liked and didn’t like about December, 2018, you’re going to get more of. Whether it’s arguing about international policy or keeping Duolingo in business, there’s a global-scholar flavor to every interaction this year. Talk to strangers. Enjoy and cultivate your supernatural ability to blow off the small hassles this year. 
The Man, the Boss (not Springsteen, unfortunately), or their spiritual equivalent is going to be on your back all year. Here are some tactics to avoid that: Work for the greater good and/or focus on sectors and processes in disruption, where your inclinations will align with blowin up the old ways, and you’ll eventually make money on it. 

You’re going to have to re-address on a higher, philosophical level your approach to finances and personal resources—start with thinking a new way about risk/benefit analysis. If you’ve never done it before, start now. It’s going to be at least a decade intended to show you how to make your wonderful independence and impulsiveness serve you instead of the other way around. Act more like The Boss (in this case, Springsteen; i.e., keep on rockin). 

There’s a quality of longing to your love action this year; with all your travel or mind wanderings, you’ll be tapping your ruby slippers and praying to go home, or at least back to January, 2019, when things seemed pretty great. You may feel this most strongly around the eclipses of January and It’s OK to have your heart in more than one place. You’re meant to spend periods on your own to really hear and heal yourself. Look for the balloon to land in July. 

I’m supposed to warn you not to overlook details or overextend yourself at this point. It’s true, your Happy Warrior could meet Weekend Warrior and you could end up in the metaphorical equivalent of a night in the drunk tank or with a strained groin muscle. But it will make such a great story.