Everyone wants a piece of the Pisces this year. There’s a sense of uplift (no, this is not a hidden product placement for one of those miracle bras ubiquitous on social media), of elevation. People with power and your own record of achievement are putting you on the crest of the wave, or under the spotlight, or both. Make room on your wall for a couple of plaques and photos. Get your hair so it looks good for eight hours at a time, and maybe invest in a TV outfit (not leggings or sweats—I mean, an outfit you can wear on TV, the right color and neckline, etc.). 

Oh. That wasn’t really your deepest wish? You’re afraid people will be gossipy, and mean, and misinterpret what you say, and drag you on social media? Well. Those things do come with the limelight, and because of this weird 10th/12thhouse Neptune vibe (just ignore the Cosmic Jargon), they tend to happen more often to the Fish. People read you wrong. You have a little martyr to your fate. 

That’s just your cross to bear. (Hi, Dad!) But the same life that brings you the problem can bring the solution your way: You’ll find people, groups, and causes that will stand up for you. A gang of stans will come to your defense. Be honest, be transparent, read over everything before posting, and keep working at being a good ally, and you’ll find a strong virtual army ready to protect you. Anytime you feel misunderstood or at risk, think of how what you can do to help a cause you’re part of—even if it’s just being quiet and following the group’s leaders. Humility in service is your rescue, and it’s a win-win. 

This does not mean blow off the self-care, by the way. Your cause may need the wood donation, if you know what I mean. That sounded weirder than I intended, but it’s a caution against martyrdom. That’s not attractive, either. In April, especially, tune in: Some of your new friends and groups are, um, cockblockers, hangers-on, or even, as the brilliant astrologer Mystic Medusa calls them, “chi vampires.” Gently disengage. 

Neptune’s retrogrades are long and often. It pretty much exists in a foggy drift relative to us Earthlings. The times when it might pay to pay attention are the points when it’s changing: Summer solstice and around Thanksgiving. Put on your special hat and listen for signals. 

One way you might handle this year is to lose the word “deserve” from your vocabulary. You’re likely to get attention and acclaim. Your creative output could be fearless and amazing this year. And maybe you mess up from time to time. And maybe other people are just trashy. “Deserve” doesn’t have much to do with any of it. Just keep swimming.