LIBRA 2019

You might consider buying a pair of shoulder pads, because this year, you’re going to be networking like an intrepid female star of a 1980s movie. Big hair, big plans, big talk, but lots and lots of little messages and trips and back-and-forthing. The eclipse poles this year have shifted in a way that work like spurs to your energy and ambition, firing up your executive angles, along with some other karmic planets and points. 

The biggest, most positive planet (Jupiter, if you must know), is hanging out in your sector of communication, writing, media, and education (3rd house, if you must know). This isn’t the place of global travel or deep philosophical research. It’s about podcasts and webinars and, god forgive me, PowerPoints. You’ll find your fortune in the world of giant coffee urns and the 3 p.m. tray of conference-hotel cookies. 

And you’ll eat the bogus sliced apples, instead. Because underneath all the ripples and froth is a powerful current of self-care, concern for your safety and security and that of your family and loved ones. It’s not that you’ll become some prepper with an underground room, just that you’re going to get rid of things that don’t serve you. (You may be selling off art and clothing you don’t like anymore, for instance.) You’ll be a sort of health/safety/emotions Mary Poppins, very no-nonsense as you get everyone’s shit together at home, then fly away (but only across town, to a political strategy meeting). 

The other deep current is a little trickier, sort of like subsonic shock waves at your core. You are learning independence, and sometimes the lesson is sudden and even scary, a little compulsive. This could take the form of checking out Tinder or hookups, trying out cryptocurrencies, or constructing a virtual legacy ghost. Circumstances align to make such things suddenly not so weird at various stark points over the next seven years. Snorkeling in this current will ultimately be good for you and your sum of karmic experience. That’s no guarantee that you won’t look back and wonder what the hell you were thinking. Leave time to delete old social media posts, maybe? 

Your ruling planet, Venus, doesn’t go retrograde this year, yay. But because of the emphasis on your 3rdsolar house (just trust me), the Mercury retrograde periods may hit you a bit. Your dates: March 5 to 28, in Pisces (health and busy work); July 7 to 31, in Leo (friends and community); October 31 to November 20, in Scorpio (cash money).