LEO 2019

You’re the Ma’am! Or the Man! Or the Tham! Shaaa-zam! Because Leo is so lucky this year, you get to hear some Cosmic Jargon: Jupiter is the planet of fortune, expansion, generosity, and good nature. Jupiter spends much of the year in Sagittarius, where it’s right at home. That’s your solar 5th house, the house of fun, romance, love, theater, children, gambling, and good times. So put all that together, and you get a good year—luck, love, fun, maybe some wins when you take a chance. You’ll be feeling that from the beginning of the year—January 22 and 23 are big dates (the last of the eclipses in the Leo polarity), and then look for another big surge in November. 

Astrologers are supposed to warn you—don’t gamble, don’t push your luck, don’t gain weight or get too big for your britches. But here’s a little more Cosmic Jargon: Leo is the natural ruler of the 5thhouse. You understand this place. You know how to work it. Leos know how to be generous and gracious with their luck and success. You look out for others, and try to bring everyone along for the good times. If you make mistakes here, they’re the same ones you yourself have had to watch out for all along: Arrogance, claiming too much credit, not listening to people—or sometimes, naivete and not realizing what assholes people can be. 

The eclipse cycle is hitting your health and universal cosmos sectors this year. Is there someone left behind you who’s hurting? Is there someone chronically ill who needs you? The answers to these merit a double suggestion: Don’t get played, but try to help if you can. The other area might be overindulgence that hits your health. Maybe weightlifting, or a boot camp kind of program would prevent it.

That’s the flip side of this good thing. Work politics, having to deal with difficult people or clean up a bad situation caused when you put too much trust in someone at work. You can handle it. It’s intended to teach you what kinds of people and situations to look out for. Work and career shakeups are also cosmically designed to get you into a better place. 

Disruptions in your area of expertise, mergers and acquisitions, the ups and downs of the market—thriving in these times is all about thinking independently. In a selfie world, you can actually start to stop worrying about your image. Don’t be fixing your hair in the rear-view while your car goes off the road! If you keep your focus on new, creative ideas for the greater good, over the next seven years, you could become one of those people who get talked and written about for all the good reasons.