It’s very hard to keep any secrets from you, isn’t it? You’re a master good-cop interrogator, the tabloid interviewer celebrities never see coming. And sometimes what you learn makes you sad. Look at it this way: It’s better to know—and you can always regard your newfound knowledge from another perspective, jumping into your subject’s shoes and understanding why she just had to rob the bank or dump the boy-band star. You can even shrug off a sleazeball ex, if you get a great story out of it. 

Geminis flirt with everyone. (Takes one to know one, and I’m one—Gemini Ascendant, Libra Sun.) And usually, people love it. But some of that buoyancy, that lightness, is going to be absent from your interactions this year. Maybe you got burned, and now you’re determined to take all relationships deathly seriously. Maybe you’ve taken a vow to explore yourself and your cosmic reality first. Maybe you just took a hit in the market. But you’re in the mood to run your own kind of personal austerity program, putting yourself on lockdown in some ways. At the very least, you’re down to only one real, serious bae (or your one boo may be you). Do lock down the credit cards (and tell your partners not to let you go near theirs, and don’t let them near yours, no matter how any of you plead). There’s some debt potential, particularly among partners. 

Mercury retrograde usually messes with Geminis, so here are your dates: March 5 to 28, in Pisces (career); July 7 to 31, in Leo (and Cancer, but Leo is the main influence for you; communication and quick trips); October 31 to November 20, in Scorpio (office work, medical stuff, going to the gym). Here’s how to work it: Concentrate on these areas, pay extra attention, slow down, instead of ducking and covering. 

Look for things to lighten up more to your liking from September to November (yep, despite that retrograde). Turn loose the charm, and get ready for a battle of wits with some worthy opponents for a change. There’s even a sparky connection of work/romance in early November—this is with someone you’re comfortable flirting with. Maybe the reward for all that interior work is the Nick-and-Nora–style partnership of your dreams.