What they say about me...and what I say about other astrologers. 
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"This is powerful stuff. I am going to read it regularly to remind myself."--B., Virginia

"These are the best gifts I've ever given, hands down."--K., Maryland

"I feel like I already see some of these traits in her. I need to read this over and over again."--C, Texas, on her BabyScope

"It gave me encouragement and hope for the year ahead."--My mom, Napa Valley, California. (You bet I'm putting my mom in here. She's a tough customer: A super-smart Irish Catholic librarian with a master's degree, and she doesn't believe any of this stuff, but she liked her horoscope anyway.) 


I might not be the right astrologer for you. You may be light on cash right now. Or you may want to explore more yourself. Here are some places to get started. is my greatest inspiration. Find her on Twitter, Insta, or her website, ad-free and membership-based, with scalable products, including personal readings. 

April Elliott Kent's Big Sky Astrology is someone I've followed for years. She has books and a beautiful site and blog full of great insight, particularly into eclipses. She does personal readings and generated reports. 

Caroline Casey costs an arm and a leg, but damn, it's worth it. She also emphasizes creation of community and building skills. Her book is a revelation, and she's a riveting speaker. 

The biggest bargain in astroland is Astrodienst, at the easy-to-remember You can put in your birth date/time/place and it generates a free auto-horoscope for you each day, plus lots of extra features for members. If you want a look at a drawn chart with whatever extra objects you choose, this is the place to go. Also longer and specialized bot-auto-generated reports. 

Cafe Astrology has a wealth of information, long auto-bot-generated free year-ahead birthday reports all year round, and bargain auto-bot reports that will take you days to read but cost very little. It also has a wealth of free planetary information. 

A note on charts, readings, and writings: Most less-expensive chart write-ups are generated by cut-and-paste or automatic bots. They take the most typical phrases and bits of interpretation, and splice them together to fit your particular data. These can be a fantastic jumping-off point and way to learn a lot about yourself, so I'm not putting them down! But you can see why they'd be less expensive.

Personal readings are done with a lot more care and nuance. Most astrologers do these over the phone or Skype, and allow you to record the call. I have a hearing disability, and I love to write, so I do it in writing. 

What to avoid: Anyone who tries to upsell you. Anyone who insists on a personal meeting. Anyone who asks for too much information, or doesn't take care to keep your information confidential. Anyone you feel has gone over your boundaries. (There are some creepy wannabe shaman guru types out there. Follow your gut.)