Do the work. If you’re a typical Capricorn, you’re jumping up and down for joy on the inside at the very thought. You love hard work! On the outside, you’re giving me a Clint Eastwood squint and asking me how much you get paid. 

By the end of this year, if you do the work, no one will be able to typecast you so easily. You’ll have transformed yourself in deep ways, learning all kinds of things about yourself, and learning about who you can trust, what you’ve lost, and what you need to lose. 

All kinds of tough and strong planets, transformative points, and nodes are working on who you are and who you have your closest partnerships with. But the latter depends on the former. You’ll need to face yourself with complete honesty. You’re not good at change—but you know you’re strong. It’s a matter of taking all the discipline you may have used to hold yourself back, out, and apart, and turning it into discipline to transform yourself. By making it all about you, you’ll no longer have to make it all about you. 

The traditional caution for Jupiter in the 12thhouse is a Nancy Reaganesque “Just Say No.” You may be tempted by substances and intoxicants, true. But here are the real dangers: Despair. Self-isolation. Self-imprisonment, as in shrugging about how there’s no way out, and self-delusion, as in telling yourself that no one gets out alive, so fuck it. You want the role of the Russian mobster sitting coked up and sipping Japanese whiskey at a Lebanon nightclub with a beautiful Colombian cartel leader on your lap (or vice-versa, or however you want to play it), watching the fools dance and musing morosely about how you’re both part of a shit system but it’s the only one you know to get you what you want. But in real life, you’re in the back of a 1988 Nova, alone, with a six-pack. 

That’s the danger. The cure is surrender. Not the faux surrender of escapism or cynicism. Surrender to the gods. To therapy—and really trying. Surrender to honesty, to facing yourself and your past. Do it carefully—it’s OK to stay away from people you don’t trust. Finding and trusting at least one really good guide is essential this year, so you’ll be ready for December, when the good times and fortune come to you. 

What’s the pay? Touchy pride turns to true confidence. Resentment becomes compassion. Burdens become energy. How great would it be to never have to be defensive again? 

Plus, a performance bonus, starting as soon as May and continuing for the next seven years: Fantastic zaps of creative energy. Maybe really fun and romantic (and hot) creative people to enjoy them with. Maybe getting paid for art/film/theater. Your own self-expression getting attention, and eccentric, fun people who get it, and get you, just zooming into your life, by chance. Maybe a child, even. Changing yourself changes the world.