Cancer is a cardinal, or executive sign. I don’t know where ideas come from of Cancers as always weeping under a quilt or stirring up pots of soup for the house, acting like the Eternally Accepting Moon Mother. Yeah, mother all right—Mother of Dragons, maybe. Your Sun is on one of the King/Queen angles. And this year, you’ll be living it. 

The Eclipse cycle has moved into the Cancer/Capricorn poles, affecting both who you are and how others see you. Here are your dates: January 5, July 2, July 16, and December 26. But eclipses are active at least three months before and after they throw open the window to a new way of seeing—they reverberate. (The January 21 eclipse is a last hurrah in Leo; just hang onto your wallet and let it happen.) 

Changes at your work or in your career reflect this, too. Whether they know it or not, you need to rule. Expand your power at least as big. A piece of knowledge that comes with the Cardinal angles is that rulership is service and accountability. When people see how naturally you understand this, space will open up for you. You may want to tack a little more toward the healing aspects of whatever kind of work you do—it’s as if there’s a light shining there that makes it easier to see your role and how you can help. 

As rulers are apt to do, you’ll also find out who’s not on your side. Listen to grumps. Learn from sulkers. Make allies of the gloomy. Just don’t absorb them. The whole point of having what feels like the Sisterhood of Debbie Downers lurking around this year is not so you will be eternally disillusioned from partnerships and collaborations, but so that you can stand entirely on your own. It’s all just data. You get to filter it. 

If you’ve ever hoped to run a salon (the social kind, but beauty would work, too), this is your year. Make that soup for all kinds of random, fun, smart, strange folks. They’ll bring pleasure to your world when you get tired of running the kingdom. After December, it’s a pretty strong chance that love will come to town, or at least a lot of good press.