Which is more fun, changing the world or mowing the lawn? You know, we shouldn’t even have lawns. Individual lawns and individual houses are a big culprit in global warming. Let’s not even talk about golf courses. Maybe you need to do a podcast on that. Now. 

And the weeds grow tall. This is your productive struggle this year, and it’s not an unfamiliar one. All the energy, good times, and good fortune is found around friends and groups and community, working on projects and networking and providing your brilliant, innovative, revolutionary insights and counsel and artistry to the disruptive leaders. (It sounds so tech-boomy. And you may get some tech-boomy-level rewards out of it, too.) 

And the tall weeds catch fire. So you have to go home and see to things and people there. And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon and all that shit. It’s an old conflict. You want to obey your sense of your own destiny, which is to galvanize groups into revolutionary action, or at least into going bowling. But sometimes, your focus on leading the group hike is just … escapism. You like to tell yourself you’re detached from results, and you don’t care if you get the credit. But the lesson of this year will be to test that detachment—and replace the feigned shrug with a true ability to let go. It could also teach you a Zen appreciation for scut work and basic preventive health care. Mow lawn, drink water. 

Aquarius is a fixed sign. Your intellect and expression is so mercurial that people forget how obsessive and stubborn you can be. (Saturn is your old ruler, back before Uranus, and some Aquarians I know would like the grumpy taskmaster back. Authoritarian is easier than authoritative, you know?) You’re clinging to some things that don’t serve you, while pretending you’re flying around. This year will show you, maybe by dissolving what you’re holding onto. 

But there will be some very fun surprises. Here are some hints: Secrets of ancestors that become relevant now. Buried treasure under that overgrown lawn. Bringing the whole resistance movement or bowling team home with you. Looking into the eyes of those closest to you and seeing endless connections of shared experience. A new way of looking at the past, and maybe of experiencing time itself. 

But also: Watch the intoxicants around this time in 2019, and all through next year. Do you really need another conference call with the DMT elves? Haven’t they told you all they have to say already?